Be more productive!

Instead of wasting your time looking at the wall or watching TV, try reading some books or learning a new art. And as far as learning is concerned or doing some work always follow the 25 -5 method. That means you do your work for 25 minutes and then take a bread of 5 minutes…. Read more »

How productive are you?

The main hack to be productive in life is to focus one thing at a time. When I know I have to do this thing, and it is much harder I always do that first. Moreover, before starting any work I stay away from everything that can distract me. I switch my mobile on airplane… Read more »

My sprinkler is free of cost!

So I got this great idea from a friend. Instead of purchasing a new ‘expensive’ sprinkler for my garden, I made one. I used a transparent bottle. Poked some holes in it for water to flow through. And gushed water with full force in the bottle. Maybe looking at the pic you will understand better…. Read more »

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