Plastic- The phone saver:)

It just rains any time and I fear my phone will get wet. So I started carrying my phone in a plastic bag. This was pretty common thing to do, but not for me because I never knew about it. Thought there might be many others like me and they ought to know:)

Some tricks on handling your phone

If you are looking for travel directions you can just take a screenshot of the Google Maps instead of keep using the internet and wasting battery. Another trick is to take a photo of your car parking area so you know exactly where your car is parked during rush hours. 

Cord knot?

What with my iPhone charger, headphones, laptop charger, USB cable and what other different cords I have, they all tend to get knotted with me getting frustrated and pulling each apart with a fury. The trick I applied was to make a hollow tube of cardboard. Made many ad placed them inside a box and… Read more »

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