Stain on tiles?

I had some stains on my bathroom as well as kitchen tiles. ‘I dipped a wet sponge in lime water and rubbed it on the stain. Woah! It went away. Alternatively bleaching powder or baking soda can also be used.

How to clean your house fast?

Expecting some guests soon? And your house is a mess…. Just do a few quick things. Open the windows and let the breeze flow in. Pick up all the clutter and turn them to one side. Place a rug over it. Spray some air freshener inside the room. Keep some sophisticated books around the corner…. Read more »

Some tricks to polish up your house!

I recently had a problems of ants entering my kitchen store. I drew a line with chalk to stop them entering. It works! Moreover if you want to stop your toilet from smelling, just leave a matchstick burning. To prevent your mirror from steaming, rub it with a bar of dry soap. 

Polish your home using these simple tricks.

I chanced upon this website and it gives quite useful information on how you can clean your home. I tried the baking soda on the sofa and the result was instantaneous. I also used the lemon trick on the faucets. Let me know what you think.

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