Damn the Spectacles!

Need to get rid of your spectacles? Want to strengthen your vision? Don’t fret just drink carrot juice daily and also chew some almonds first thing in the morning. I have seen results, but yes they were three long months!    

Look fairer now!

Wanna hear one simple trick to get glowing skin. Just take some sandalwood powder, mix it with rosewater and apply it for 30 minutes. Later wash it off with a good face wash and for smoothness apply just rosewater again. Try it and let me know.    

My glowing face!

Before any important meeting or presentation, I try to look my best. Eliminating the need of wearing the best clothes, I also pay attention to my face. I apply fuller’s earth for 30 minutes before I go to bed. It cleans my face of all the dirt that are on my skin and produces sebum… Read more »

Gorgeous Eyelashes!!

I learned this trick during high school. Just heat a spoon sufficiently hot and, very carefully using the curved side of the sppon and apply it on your eyelashes, curling it in the process. Then use any fairness cream. Just take a pinch on your finger and smooth it over the eyelashes. Do it so that… Read more »

Some grooming tricks.

I generally work late till night. And wake up a boogey man in the morning. My best appearance is my eyes.. all puffy and red! My best best is to keep a spoon in the refrigerator overnight and apply directly to eyes in the morning. My eyes are as good as normal. I also use… Read more »

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